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Issue 19

I am very excited to announce that our latest issue of Trajectory is now available.

Issue 18

I am very excited to announce that our latest issue of Trajectory is now available.

Issue 17

No one, and I mean absolutely no one, ever writes anything totally by themselves. I know a few writers who claim they do.

Issue 16

What will future generations see when they look back at America, circa 2018. Will they see lovely violets in …

Issue 15

This issue features work by old friends (Brian Daldorph, Alan Catlin, Clay Gibson, and others) and some wonderful …

Issue 14

Cathy Porter, K. S. Hardy, Rod Farmer, Stephanie Hiteshew, James E. Zimmerman, Lynn P. Elwell, Dennis Trudell and …

Issue 13

Marguerite Bouvard, ayaz daryl nielsen, Rachana Rahman, Mike Faran, Peg Duthie, and Ted Jonathan.

Issue 12

Joanne Esser, J.S. Kierland, Marianna Hofer, Beth Paulson, Ed Coletti, Morgan Smith.

Issue 11

Cathy Porter, Dana Stamps, II, T. Kilgore Splake, Mike Faran, Brian James Lewis, Isabel Wolfe-Frischman.

Issue 10

Kateri Schmidt, Ben TerryGene McCormick, Jonathan Bracker, Brian James Lewis.

Issue 9

Karen Loeb, Ted Jonathan, Kaye Bartholomew, Byron Case, Paula Yup, David James, Alan Catlin.

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