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You’re strapped in for the hour flight, when a young woman, all flush and out of breath, stops at your row, apologizes with her eyes for making you get up. You fumble with the seat belt, …

Tom Hurtz Travelouge Pt. 1

Tom Hurtz is a biker who thinks America is best experienced from the back of a motorcycle. The photos and commentary are from his 2017 journey through South Dakota’s Badlands. This is …

Issue 16

What will future generations see when they look back at America, circa 2018. Will they see lovely violets in purple bloom or an overindulgent, self-centered, egotistical, greedy society that …

Issue 15

This issue features work by old friends (Brian Daldorph, Alan Catlin, Clay Gibson, and others) and some wonderful new writers (Keith Hellard, Rochelle Jewel Shapiro, Karissa Dong, to name a few).

Issue 14

Cathy Porter, K. S. Hardy, Rod Farmer, Stephanie Hiteshew, James E. Zimmerman, Lynn P. Elwell, Dennis Trudell and more familiar voices.